One of the most well known side effects of Cannabis is the munchies. What do we mean when we say munchies? Basically once you have a few hits on cannabis you find yourself scavenging through your fridge to find any food you can get your hands on. Why does cannabis have this effect? It is said that a research team from Yale School Of Medicine went out to study why this happens. They found that marijuana actually fools the brains central feeding system, it makes you feel hungry even when your stomach is full. Not only does THC make you feel hungry, but it also enhances your ability to smell food ! With these side effects many hospitals use cannabis products to help cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Chemotherapy treatment is said to make patients nauseous as well as lose their appetite for food. Cannabis helps cancer patients eat as well as stop their nausea. Not only does cannabis’ ability to make you hungry help with cancer patients but also a Sunday morning (or in the case of Thanksgiving, Friday morning) partier who is experiencing a nasty hangover. After a night of drinking many find themselves with a lost of appetite, a pounding headache, and an urge to throw up. Like Advil, Marijuana has anti-inflammatory properties to help ease your hangover pains. Why choose cannabis over Advil you may ask ? Marijuana does not risk damage of your stomach lining like Advil does. Like we mentioned before Marijuana has the ability to make you hungry and curves any nauseous feeling, that way instead of finding yourself in bed dreaming of food you cant stomach to eat, you’ll be chowing down on a nice breakfast sandwich to help soak up any alcohol from the night before.