Microdosing allows you to control your high (THC and CBD levels). This is what makes WhiteRabbit products great due to the fact that they’re low dose. Sometimes you can consume Cannabis and it can cause you to freak out because it was not properly dosed. When buying products make sure that they are lab tested and approved so you don’t have a negative experience when consuming Cannabis. Microdosing can help prepare yourself for certain activities you partake in like going out to eat, sleeping, having sex, doing sports, art, concerts and more. THC is the psychoactive chemical in Cannabis that effects the brain. THC has great benefits when it comes to sleep, creativity, and nausea. CBD is the non-psychoactive chemical found in Cannabis. CBD can help with seizures, stress, repairing of nerve damage and certain types of cancers.

Remember that WhiteRabbit products are safe, lab tested, taste great, act fast and are available in multiple low-dose combinations of THC & CBD.