Not many are aware, but CBD can actually counteract certain side effects of THC as well as enhance them. THC is the psychoactive property in Cannabis, which means that some can experience paranoia or anxiety when consuming. The good news is that CBD is actually an anxiety fighting compound! Whether you are taking THC or not and experience anxiety, CBD can help reduce it. THC side effects also includes the munchies and sleepiness, which CBD can also inhibit. CBD not only counteracts some of THC’s side effects but it also can enhance them, like when it comes to painkillers. Since Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties it can be great alternative for pain killers. When purchasing CBD and THC products in the store it is vital that the products are lab tested and approved and that the there is an accurate THC:CBD ratio. When consuming THC or CBD products, be aware that the way you consume it will effect you differently. For example: when smoking Cannabis the effects will hit you immediately but they will diminish in a short period of time, unlike liquid form which will also hit you immediately but the effects will last longer due to its bioavailability.