Cannabis can be a major benefit to any athlete. If injury occurs, it can be a much healthier alternative than painkillers. It’s not harmfully addictive and doesn’t cause any damage to your body internally, all while being able to fix many of the same symptoms as a pain killer would. Cannabis can also be a sleep aid for athletes, giving them quality rest and recovery time. It can reduce anxiety and even diminish fearful and negative memories which can improve performance. Even the NFL commissioner has voiced his opinion that cannabis is a way better alternative because of the negative impact pain killers and other types of medication have had on the athletes lives, even after they retire.

Extreme sports athletes not only utilize cannabis for injury, but also to help spark creativity. This spark of creativity has lead to the development of new tricks and also has aided in contests where extreme athletes are judged on the creativity in the line of tricks they chose to execute. On top of this, cannabis enhances the overall experience of extreme sports due to the fact that its natures ultimate mood boost!

Additionally, cannabis can be an excellent alternative to drugs and alcohol for athletes when socializing. There’s no hangover, and no negative physical impact.